Da sempre la nostra azienda la ASC Services di Stefano Cutelle’ si avvale della collaborazione con i principali player del settore informatico per garantire ai propri clienti le migliori soluzioni in termini di performace ed affidabilità. Da ormai 20 anni Microsoft RedHat Ubuntu rappresentano tra i nostri migliori Partner.

I partner Microsoft offrono le competenze tecniche, i servizi e le soluzioni di cui hai bisogno per trasformare la tua attività, massimizzare la redditività e crescere in modi nuovi.

Ubuntu for partners

We partner with the world’s leading hardware manufacturers to help deliver an extensive range of Ubuntu certified laptops, desktops and workstations for a secure and constantly updated platform. Becoming a partner means you work with our engineering and certification teams to guarantee the compatibility and optimised performance of all your hardware for the life of the OS.

Supported by Canonical

Ubuntu is a free and open source platform. There are no royalties, only a per unit service fee covering the engineering certification, maintenance, quality assurance, third-party licensing fees and Canonical consulting costs.

A complete solution

Engagements cover component and system enablement as well as certification. Engagements are structured with baseline volume commitments, volume-based pricing for service fees and minimal recurrent engineering. Ubuntu Desktop is a complete solution for OEMs and ODMs.

Ongoing support

The ability to update your devices is central to your security and long-term competitiveness. Canonical takes care of all security and critical bug fixes to the base platform offering and provides the infrastructure to support your update management strategy. Ubuntu has a world-class track record maintaining a secure and stable operating system.


Alcuni dei Nostri partner:

Microsoft RedHat Ubuntu Partner

Microsoft RedHat Ubuntu Partner Microsoft RedHat Ubuntu Partner Microsoft RedHat Ubuntu Partner